Help the Biden Administration Improve Access to Health Care Services

Ensuring that individuals enrolled in Medicaid can easily get the health care services they need is a crucial part of the Medicaid program. The proposed rule, Ensuring Access to Medicaid Services, includes updates to existing requirements and introduces new changes, as well.  

Right now, the Biden Administration is trying to make it easier to enroll in, and keep, Medicaid and is accepting comments on a proposed rule that would create a more uniform enrollment process.

To achieve access, individuals need to know if they qualify for Medicaid, understand their coverage options, and have a straightforward process to apply for the program. Once enrolled, it’s important to maintain coverage.

The Biden Administration wants to use the new proposed rule to:

  • improve access to, and the quality of home and community-based services (HCBS)

  • strengthen essential protections to ensure health and well-being

  • establish a streamlined approach to Medicaid policies and procedures

  • ensure Medicaid agencies receive input in order to monitor and establish quality improvements to HCBS programs

The proposed rule is an important step toward increasing coverage and removing barriers to care. We need your help to tell the Biden Administration to improve access to health care services.

The deadline for submitting comments is July 3, 2023. Your comment will be sent directly to and the National Health Law Program will retain a copy.

How to Comment

Use the form to submit a comment and tell the government why you support the new rule. Feel free to tell a little about yourself and why improving the quality of health care for all is important to you. Additionally, you should share your story if:

  • you’ve had trouble hiring HCBS workers

  • if you think Medicaid beneficiaries should have more direct input in how the program is run

  • you’ve had trouble getting the services you need