Care for Everyone – No Matter What

Care where you are, when you need it, no matter who you are!

The federal government issues new rules for insurance plans purchased through and state marketplaces every year. This year, the Biden administration has proposed new rules that would restore and expand protections for health care consumers.  We need your help to turn these proposals into reality. Share your story today.

Issue One: Ensuring enough In-Network Doctors, Specialists, and Services

The proposed rule would require all insurance plans to have enough in-network providers and specialists to meet the needs of everyone enrolled in the plan. No one should travel far distances or wait months to get an appointment or the care they need. The rule would also reestablish federal oversight of insurance plans to ensure they are honest and provide access to the care they promise plan enrollees.

This rule will particularly impact people looking for health care specialists, cancer treatment, mental health services, children’s dental providers, and people who live in rural communities.

Your story can help – here are some ideas!
  •  Have you had trouble finding in-network mental health care?

  • Have you had to travel just to get to a specialist?

  • Have you had to travel or wait for cancer treatment?

  • Have you been unable to find in-network dentists for kids?

Issue Two: Strengthening LGBTQ+ Nondiscrimination

Additionally, the proposed rule would restore and expand protections for LGBTQ+ people. It would explicitly prohibit health insurance companies and brokers from discriminating based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The rule would ban insurance companies from designing plans that discriminate based on specific chronic conditions, such as charging high prices for HIV medication. Finally, the rule would require that insurance plan coverage and benefits be based on clinical evidence to help ensure people get the best care.

Your story can help – here are some ideas!
  • Have you not been able to get the care you need because you couldn’t access an affirming provider?

  • Have you had trouble finding coverage because of your gender identity or sexual orientation? 

  • Have you had trouble finding coverage because of certain chronic conditions?

This rule primarily addresses discrimination related to health insurance coverage and services. Later this spring, we anticipate another proposed rule that will address nondiscrimination in health care more generally. Sign up for updates here.