Help the Biden Administration Fix the “Family Glitch”

The “Family Glitch” Issue

Right now, people who do not have access to “affordable” health insurance through their jobs can get financial help to buy coverage in the ACA marketplace. However, current rules only consider the cost of the insurance for the employee. The current rules don’t include the cost of insurance for spouses, partners, dependents, or other family members. If the job-based insurance is affordable for the employee, the other family members cannot get financial help to buy marketplace coverage. 

The Family Glitch currently affects 5 million people, mainly children and women, and has made it impossible for people to access high quality coverage. The Biden Administration wants to change that – and you can help! No one should be left without access to care.

Your story can help – here are some ideas!

  • Have you been unable to afford care for your children because of the costs of employer-based plan?
  • Has your spouse or partner been left without coverage because of the family glitch?