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Have you or a family member used Medicaid (SoonerCare) in Oklahoma?

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We are collecting the real stories about Oklahomans’ experiences with Medicaid, also known as
SoonerCare in Oklahoma.

These stories will help identify problems and successes that can be used to advocate for
improvements to Medicaid in our state. If you are interested in sharing your experiences, you can
fill out this form or you may call/text 405-293-
8724 to schedule an interview.

Program Information
Legal Aid received a grant from the National Health Law Program and the Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation to collect stories about the lived experiences of people that have used
Medicaid (SoonerCare) in the state of Oklahoma. The ultimate purpose of this grant is to use
these real stories to advocate for policies at both the national and state level that improve health
care access. We are looking for the good and the bad, and the stories in-between.
We are collecting stories in video, audio, or written format. The process will include a discussion
of your experience with Medicaid (SoonerCare). This discussion will cover topics such as your
enrollment for Medicaid, the health care you receive, barriers or problems you have encountered
with Medicaid, and your suggestions for improvements. After the initial discussion, we will work
with you to tell your story in the format you are most comfortable with – written, audio, or video.

Share Your Story
If you are ready to share your story right now, please click one of the following boxes. You will
be taken to a platform where you may quickly and easily record a video sharing your experience
with Medicaid. A Legal Aid attorney will follow-up with you. These videos will be reviewed
before being publicly available.


We are collecting videos from people who are currently using Medicaid (SoonerCare) or have in the past. We are trying to identify problems and successes to advocate for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Working with state partners, we will collect these lived experiences to inform our understanding of how Medicaid does and does not work for applicants and enrollees and to inform our advocacy strategy.