Help the Biden Administration Strengthen Health Coverage and Access

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide health care for some of the most vulnerable people in the United States, including individuals with very low incomes and children. Currently, 89 million people are enrolled in coverage, and while the Affordable Care Act has made improvements to help simplify eligibility and enrollment, there are still eligible people who have trouble getting on, or staying on, coverage.

Right now, the Biden Administration is trying to make it easier to enroll in, and keep, Medicaid and is accepting comments on a proposed rule that would create a more uniform enrollment process.

Benefits of the proposed rule include:

  • simplifying the enrollment and renewal process for eligible individuals and eliminating unnecessary administrative barriers

  • making it easier for those 65 or over, people with disabilities, long-term care patients, and people with complex medical needs to enroll in and stay on Medicaid

  • helping low-income individuals automatically enroll in programs to cover costs like premiums

  • streamlining enrollment between health insurance programs so there are less gaps in coverage

  • reflecting the lives of people who move often, people who change jobs/work seasonally, and people experiencing housing instability by streamlining the paperwork process

The proposed rule is an important step toward increasing coverage and removing barriers to care. We need your help to tell Biden Administration to strengthen health care coverage and access. 

The deadline for submitting comments is November 7, 2022. Your comment will be sent directly to and the National Health Law Program will retain a copy.

How to Comment

Use the form to submit a comment and tell the government why you support the new rule. Feel free to tell a little about yourself and why improving the quality of health care for all is important to you. Additionally, you should comment if:

  • You’ve had trouble filling out an application or getting your Medicaid coverage renewed

  • You haven’t been able to get coverage because of complicated paperwork

  • You’ve missed renewal deadlines because you didn’t have enough time to submit required paperwork

  • You’ve experienced gaps in coverage due to administrative barriers